Why Coaching?

Let Clayton Holmes, 3 time Superbowl Champion, tell you:

"If there is something in your life that you want to accomplish or change, a great coach will help you reach your goals! I've had great coaches all my life in sports and now I have an "awesome" Achievement Coach! Kim Anderson of Destiny Coaching has been working with me for the past eighteen months and without him I would not be in the amazing position I'm in now."

Many people want to change, increase their skill capacity, change thier life situation, or pursue their passion, but it requires a consistent, strategic movement over time. To do these things, people normally sign up for a class, read a book, buy the dvd set, or make a resolution.

We believe that these things can help, but are not sufficient as they lack the ability of an outside perspective to help someone evaluate and adjust over time. Your life has multiple sets of relationships and circumstances that come to bear on any change forward. You need someone on the sidelines as well as one looking over the entire game from the coach's box.

The Coaching Process:

The overarching philosophy I use is Clarity, Focus, and Integrity. Clarity is the refining of a few specific outcomes. Focus is the narrowing of one's life to a select set of goals. Integrity is alignment of one's life to the goals. Each person is unique and complicated, so it takes some time to ask the riight questions and contemplation in order to filter out the driving passions. Once we get to some of the core passions, then we start integrating all the other external factors to create an empowered process to move forward.

Key components of the process:

Intake Application: This is a written form telling us why you want to be coached, your goals, some background information and why we should invest in you. We use this to determine if we can help you in the current stage of your journey.

BiWeekly sessions: This is done in person, skype or phone and is the core of the strategy. The time is spent processing the goals, circumstances, results, and making adjustments.

360 Assessment: This gets announymous feedback from all the relationships around you. It also facilitates openness to those around you as you process change. (This is also offered as a stand-alone module and includes the Stregths Finder assessment.)

Strengths Finder: This helps to identify your "unique" strengths and then use those to improve yourself and the relationship around you.

Interviews: We sometimes conduct interviews of those in key relationship with the clients. We might also spend a half-day observing the client in their normal routine. This gives us specific insights into being practical with goals and hinderances.

Sponsor Commitment: You select someone who has a consistent relationship with you, who believes in you and is willing to help. We update them on a monthly basis and ask them to financially invest in your commitment.